When you think about it, an adjustable bed with a solid base sounds like a bad idea, especially since you can get a bed with a slatted base at the same price. After all, a slatted base allows for better bed aeration and enhanced lumbar support. However, an adjustable bed with a solid base has certain advantages over one with slatted bases. Therefore, rather than focus solely on adjustable beds with a slatted base, here are the key benefits you are likely to get from one with a solid base.

Longer Life Expectancy

When you buy an adjustable bed, you should look for a durable model, and the best choice is one with a solid base. Typically, the solid base of an adjustable bed is made from flat hardboard onto which you lay a mattress. However, the longevity of a solid base stems from the absence of moving parts, which reduces the chances of malfunction. In fact, an adjustable bed with a solid base can be passed from one generation to another as long as a user observes proper maintenance. Most importantly, solid base adjustable beds are suitable for users of different weights.

Maintains Mattress Form 

Most manufacturers today make turnable mattresses. The two-sided mattresses, also referred to as turnable mattresses, allow buyers to use both sides and derive more value. However, it is counterproductive to buy a turnable mattress for an adjustable bed with a slatted base. The reason is that the slats and spaces create ridges and bumps on the underside, making the side uncomfortable to sleep on. Therefore, the issue defeats the purpose of investing in a double-sided mattress. However, since a solid base is made from solid wood and lacks spaces, it preserves the form and condition of both sides of a turnable mattress. Therefore, a solid base adjustable bed makes turnable mattresses a worthwhile investment since you can use both sides without compromising comfort.

Constant Support

Indeed, a slatted base allows you to adjust the slats according to your comfort needs. For instance, if you want more support for your upper body, you can adjust the slats holders in the upper half close to the centre. However, as you move your body during sleep, the slat holders also move, affecting your comfort. Moreover, the spaces created as the slat holders shift position cause a mattress to sit out of place. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about such issues with a solid base adjustable bed because a mattress provides adequate support regardless of how much you toss and turn while sleeping.

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