Every season in Australia presents its own challenges for the people that live here, from the extreme heat of summer to the frosty rains of winter. With that in mind, it can be almost impossible to find furniture that will withstand this beating for more than a couple of years, and many people go through outdoor furniture quickly due to this. However, there is a better way because wicker furniture offers a more well-rounded and sustainable option to outdoor living that could save you money while still looking great for many years to come.


Wicker furniture has been around for a long time across many cultures, which has led many people to master its use as a building material. Unlike many other types of chairs and sofas, often, wicker furniture has very few nails and supporting infrastructure because the wicker itself is so strong. This also makes wicker extremely light, which is another feature that lends itself well to outdoor living; if you want to sit near the pool or on the patio, most people can transport wicker chairs on their own. This construction design sets wicker furniture apart from traditional and heavier wooden and metal chairs while retaining a healthy durability.

Visual Appeal

When selecting furniture for a particular area, it is important to consider that it is not all just about function but also about form. After all, you want your space to look appropriate for years to come. Wicker furniture suits the outside best because of its natural aesthetic (even when it is synthetic) and its light, easily transferrable construction. If you have ever been to a luxury hotel on the beach or a tropical vacation spot, you will most likely have noticed wicker furniture outside at those places because it just looks right. They are also very customisable, and you have tons of different options for colours and shapes.

Synthetic Wicker

While regular wicker furniture does posses good, durable properties that make it suited to occasional outdoor use, synthetic wicker takes this up a notch while still retaining that beautiful wicker texture. Synthetic wicker is normally made from polyethylene, which is known to be able to easily withstand massive swings in temperature, heavy water exposure and use over long periods of time. If you are looking for wicker furniture that is kept outside 24/7, then synthetic wicker is the way to go. Synthetic wicker is still a better option than heavy, uncomfortable metal furniture that is often found outside and is generally far cheaper.

To learn more about wicker furniture, contact a furniture store in your area.