Have your ageing parents, grandparents or relative living with you because they need your support? You're already doing a wonderful and selfless job. Ageing people need a tremendous amount of support because they are no longer as agile and self-sufficient as they used to be. If you've decided to invest in a good chair for the retired senior in your home, follow these tips when you visit the furniture store

Choose Chairs With Higher Seat Heights

Seat height is an important consideration when making a choice in chairs at the furniture shop, so look for something that is higher. This will make it easier for the elderly person to sit down and get out of the chair when needed. Keep in mind that if it is too high, it may end up putting too much pressure on the person's thighs or back. If the seniors are agile enough to move around, you may want to get them to join you at the furniture store to pick something they are most comfortable with.

Make Sure The Seat Depth Is Sufficient

Seat depth is another important factor to consider because seniors spend a lot of time sitting down, so the chair needs to be comfortable for them for hours. The seat depth needs to be adequate enough to cover the full length of the person's thighs without pressure. But you must keep in mind that it cannot be too deep because this forces the person to lean back, which will end up being too uncomfortable and will give rise to back trouble –– if they don't already have it. If the chair is a little deep but comfortable enough for the person, you can always add a cushion to support the back as much as possible.

Arm Rest Height And Width Should Be Precise

The last factor you need to consider is the height of the armrest when buying a chair at the furniture store. The armrest height should encourage the arms to rest without dropping or raising the shoulders. A precise armrest height will ensure that the senior remains comfortable while sitting for extended periods without feeling tension or stress in their shoulders. You'll also want to ensure that the width covers the entire hand without being too thin. Thin armrests may cause the person's hand to slip off, which could end up being uncomfortable.

Follow these tips when buying a chair for a retired senior from the furniture store.