Chairs, sofas, dining tables and other types of teak furniture provide a luxurious look to any home with their lustrous appearance and solid wood frames. But teak furniture needs to be treated with care to prolong its impeccable appearance. Over time, teak tends to become dull and timeworn. Teak oil will give your furniture a radiant uplift for a refreshed look. This guide is designed to help you oil your teak wood chairs. The same steps can be applied to dining tables and wooden sofa frames.

Get Your Materials Together

You will need to purchase teak oil from a home improvement store. Apart from oil, you will need an oiling rag and a dusting rag. Make sure you undertake this oiling project in a well-ventilated area to let the oil seep and dry on your teak furniture faster.

Open Windows and Dust Furniture

Teak oil can be toxic, so you should either take your chairs outside, or you should apply the oil in a room with open windows. Use a damp cloth to dust every part of the chair to remove dirt and grime settled on it. If it's dirty, you can apply a soap water solution on the chair it thoroughly. The trick is to clean the chair completely for the teak oil to seep into it more easily. Wait till the chair dries completely before the oiling process.

Apply Oil Coats

Using an oiling rag, apply the teak oil onto the surface of the chairs and wipe it in thoroughly. You don't want oil pools sitting on the surface, so make sure that you wipe it into the wooden surface and remove any excess droplets. This oil has a shiny and sticky feel, so don't put anything on your chairs until the first coat dries completely, which may take a few hours. Once the first coat has dried, you can apply the next coat of oil following the same process. Again, remove any excess droplets to prevent them from causing splotches when dried on the wood.

Let the Wood Dry

Let the second coat of teak oil dry overnight before using your teak wood chairs once again. To be on the safe side, you may want to wait a whole day before using your teak furniture. Keep the room well ventilated throughout the drying process. You'll also want to keep pets and small children away from this room to prevent them from inhaling dangerous teak oil fumes. Your teak wood chairs will now have a shiny and new finish. 

Use these guidelines for oiling your teak wood chairs and other types of teak furniture, or contact a teak furniture dealer for more information.