The kitchen is arguably one of the spaces within your home where you spend most of your valuable time. This means its general outlook including the cabinets and countertops is something you need to be concerned about. The choice of colour for your kitchen equipment, including the cabinets, can dramatically change its entire appearance, giving it a harmonious and homely feel. This article discusses some of the important points to consider when choosing the perfect colour for your kitchen cabinets and countertops.


The type of lighting in your kitchen will significantly influence your choice of colour. Where the kitchen has hanging lights above an island as well as mounted lights positioned on the bottom side of wall cabinets, the focal point will shift to where the light is directed, which is mostly the countertop. For a kitchen with direct overhead lighting, choose dark colours for your countertops. If you want to pull the eye either to the cabinets or countertops, choose contrasting-coloured materials.


If you have a wide-open kitchen where your cabinets enjoy more visibility compared to your countertops, you should consider adopting the colour of the backsplash for your cabinets. On the other hand, limited space kitchens are better off with countertops matched to the colour of the backsplash.

Kitchen Flooring

If you want to set your cabinets apart, you should consider contrasting the colour of your cabinets with the floor. However, this will depend on whether you prefer a colour scheme that is matching or contrasting. For instance, a countertop made of granite with green marbling or cultured marble can complete the blending of colours within the kitchen while a rough gray slate with green or brown tones can go well with cabinet colours that complement the brown hue in the stone.

Material Type

The choice of material for your kitchen primarily depends on whether you prefer a contemporary feel or a more rustic look. Sheet metals including zinc, copper, stainless steel and other materials are common installations on countertops because they blend well with real wood cabinets and natural stone floors. Composite cabinets with materials that resemble stock brown wood combine well with a variety of countertop colours and materials, from slabs to wood and laminate.

When you decide to use materials such as wood or stone, you should leave them in their natural raw state because they look best that way. For composites, you may paint or cover them so as to display a variety of colour schemes and custom finishes.

For more information and tips, talk with professional cabinet makers, like those at Pinoy Cabinets, and interior designers.