Ready-made wood furniture is a popular feature in many present-day homes. But, if you are a furniture-building fanatic with the right set of woodwork skills, making your own furniture can be somewhat gratifying. Besides having woodworking artistry, you need to know where to acquire quality furniture-building supplies for the undertaking.

Because the quality of wood used in making any piece of furniture determines the overall quality of home-built furniture by a great extent, you need to obtain the best wood for your furniture-building project. If you are a budding DIYer, here are a few places you can trust to supply you with quality wood for the project.

Hardware stores

You can always get quality wood for your DIY project from a hardware store nearby. Local hardware stores are a great destination when you are shopping for quality wood because they usually offer a wide variety of furniture-making supplies, such as nails, nail drills, hammers, screwdrivers, hand-held cutting saws, painting products and many others to go with the wood material.

Thus, hardware stores are convenient buying outlets for DIY furniture-construction since you can get everything you need at a single location. Furthermore, many hardware stores are retail-oriented and therefore suitable for people who only need to purchase small quantities of wood products.

Lumber yards

If you are a price-cautious individual, you should perhaps consider buying wood supplies from a lumber yard instead of a hardware store. Unlike hardware stores that usually stock small quantities of a wider assortment of wood and non-wood furniture-building supplies, lumber yards specialise in offering large quantities of wood items.

As a result, lumber yards typically stock larger volumes of wood items than hardware stores so that they can pass the economies of scale attained by buying in bulk to customers in terms of lower prices.

Home centres

These days, home centres are high-end wood purchase outlets that are gradually replacing conventional wood supply outlets like hardware stores and lumber yards. In essence, home centres receive their wood products either directly from the wood manufacturer or via a distribution middleman such as a wholesaler.

Home centres are a worthwhile option if you need fresh ideas for your furniture-building project because they usually have home renovation specialists that can advise you on the latest industry trends. Due to distribution chain intermediaries and the expert services provided in choosing the best wood products for your project, however, you might have to pay a little bit more for wood products obtained from home centres.

Keep these three sources in mind as you look to find the building materials you need for your project.